In 2015, the NCEES Board changed the content of the Metallurgy and Materials Professional Engineer Exam - which will be maintained by NCEES for the next six to eight years.  The continuing changes and history of this exam have shown that the majority of people who have taken it rely on self-study, reviewing undergraduate/graduate level books suggested by The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS). In the state of California Fall of 2015, over 4400 people took the Civil Engineering Exam, 317 took the Mechanical Exam and only 7 took the Metallurgical/Materials exam.  Possible reasons for the low number of Professional Metallurgical/Materials Engineers is the lack of concise review materials, no study exam questions provided by NCEES, no review or preparation courses, and the stigma that the Met/Mat Exam is an inherently difficult test to pass.

   This information has catalyzed the development of a review course that is tailored towards Metallurgy/Materials Engineers looking for thorough + clear study guides, simulated exam questions, a small classroom learning environment and hands-on materials laboratory experience.

   This review course is different than any other PE review course in the following ways.  The majority of review courses (for Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Metallurgy/Materials) are developed by corporations, and taught by instructors with limited academic teaching experience.  The majority of these instructors do not develop their own course content and fail to connect with students on an individual level, where they typically will read notes off a PowerPoint presentation during a review course.  Additionally, these corporations purposefully develop inherently difficult simulated exam questions with the aim of scaring students into believing that they aren’t prepared for the exam.  Unfortunately, this tactic does not help the student because it does not adequately reflect the test environment and is a poor simulation of typical exam questions.  Our instructors are doctorate level engineers, who've developed their own course content and have University level teaching experience. 

   The 10 week review course (2 hour online lectures - provided to students around the world on a weekly basis) has been developed to train and teach young engineers about the profession using not only a classroom environment, but a laboratory environment with optional hands on training using state of the art instruments which include a JEOL 6610 Scanning Electron Microscope, a Digital Faxitron X-Ray machine, a HiRox Digital Light Microscope, a Reichart Metallograph, a Buehler polishing table for metallography, and a ThermoFisher Nicolet FTIR machine for material fingerprinting.  Students are able to schedule time on the materials equipment for training purposes.  No other review course in the world offers the test taking knowledge, family environment and laboratory facilities – all located in Southern California.