Metallurgy / Materials PE Review Course:  A 10 week review course designed to cover the fundamental topics set forth by NCEES pertaining to Structure, Properties, Processing and Performance of materials.  Each two (2) hour lecture will focus on critical concepts and solving typical exam questions.  Organized content will be provided to each student based on the curriculum shown below.  Additional laboratory training will also be used to teach and train students. Lectures are no longer available for the 2022 calendar year and onward due to changes in the exam format from an open book exam to a closed book exam.


A)  Crystal Structures of metals, ceramics, polymers

      Imperfections and Defects in Solids 

      Dislocations, twins, stacking faults, Phase Boundaries

B)  Diffusion 

C)  Fractography 

E)  Metallography 

F)  Phase Diagrams   


A)  Chemical Analysis (OES, EDS, Leico combustion, FTIR)

B)  Coatings 

C)  High temperature behavior 

D)  Low temperature Behavior 

E)  Materials Standards 

F)  Mechanical Behavior of Composite Materials

G)  Physical Properties 

H)  Routine and Specializd mechanical testing


A)  Rolling, Forging, Extruding, Casting 

B)  Coating Techniques 

C)  Cold Work & Annealing 

D)  Carburization 

E)  Heat Transfer 

F)  Heat & Thermal Treatments 

G)  Brazing, Welding, Soldering 

H)  Strengthening mechanisms for metals 

I)  Powder Processing 

J) Ceramic Toughening Mechanisms 


A)  Corrosion   

B)  Environmental Assisted Cracking 

C)  Failure Analysis 

D)  Fracture Mechanics 

E)  NDT 

F)  Statistics 

G)  States of Stress 

H)  Wear